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About Us

Eva Lam and Cammy Nguyen of Meraki Lashes, LLC.


Meraki Lashes, LLC was founded by Cammy Nguyen and Eva Lam with the vision of sharing the knowledge and experience. Cammy has gained in the 13 years she has been doing lash extensions with lash artists around the world. Through the trial and errors experienced using every brand of eyelash extensions out on the market, Cammy has found the secret of the perfect lash extension.

Eva has been in the import/export industry for over 12 years with experience in logistics, international trade, sourcing and product development. Their combined expertise is the perfect duo; as Cammy constantly brings new and innovative ideas to the table and Eva ensures our manufacturers can bring Cammy’s vision to reality.

Meraki Lashes under the direction of Eva and Cammy, are committed to revolutionizing the eyelash extension industry by providing the most advanced eyelash extension products along side Cammy’s lash training showing her exclusive techniques that is patent pending.